TradeSize™ pro

Trade Better and Trade Smarter with a clear view on the markets.
TradeSize™ pro is developed for all novice and experienced Stock and Option Traders.

TradeSize™ pro, is the best Trade Position Size Calculator which every Trader should use.

For money management and emotional stress it is important that you as Trader knows that you can survive in all market conditions.
How good your Trade System might be and how good its Reward Risk Ratio is, the human interference is always a major factor.
Over-trading caused by presumptions and / or a run of losses can ruin your account balance.
If the Money Risk or the Money in Use is getting too large, TradeSize pro can be set as desired. Set or hold the Trade Size,
maximize the Money Risk or maximize the Money in Use, set your desired Reward Risk Ratio and the expected or actual Realized
selling Price.
TradeSize pro makes the calculations for every setting, for Short and Long positions, and produces all the information a
Trader wants to know.
With TradeSize™ pro, all Traders can considerably diminish their Risk of Ruin by trading with their Stress Free Trade Size.
TradeSize pro protects the Traders against the Risk of Ruin.
If your positions stay within a certain comfort level you will have a great chance of avoiding the Risk Of Ruin.
Your maximum risk is to high if a couple of losing trades in row scares you or if you feel emotionally uneasy with
your Trading Position.
The comfort level is very Trader dependent. Your Proper or Stress Free Trade Position Size is derived from a percentage of
your Account Size. This Trade Size is so big or small that, in the event of losing a couple of times in a row, you won't get
hurt to badly. You will have enough money left in your account for continuing to trade the markets. You won't have to quit
this business.
Once you start trading with the proper or stress free Trade Size, the Trade Position Size that is in harmony with your comfort
level, you will get a psychological uncensored, fresh and clear view on the markets which results in a decreasing fear of losing,
your decisions will become emotionless.
This all will improve your trading qualities, give you more confidence and emotional rest, resulting in more trade profits with
stress free trading.
From now on you can calculate on forehand your stress free Trade Position Size with TradeSize™ pro, for every Long or Short
position you would like to take.